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  • Office

    "Employees at non-adjustable workstations were found to generate 20 times the workers compensation costs of employees at user-adjustable
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  • Laboratory

    Did you know that increasing your employees' comfort will result in a 2-10% increase in productivity? At 2 %, that's
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  • Industrial/Trades

    What will YOUR Return On Investment (ROI) be? A research review of 250 case studies of ergonomic inerventions, across many
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  • Fire & EMS

    Many firefighter injuries occur in, on, or around the apparatus. We provide a range of injury prevention and
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'The Ergonomic Journey'

Heavy bag skeleton

Do You Carry A Unilateral Purse or Shoulder Bag?

Take a moment to consider the risks....

We see it all the time.  A woman walking leaned to one side to offset the weight of her giant designer bag hanging on the opposite arm.  Or a man’s shoulder dropped under the weight of his heavy computer work bag.  If you watch closely, you will likely see that their gait is compromised as well. 

These giant overly filled bags that we lug around may carry everything we need and look great, but it comes with a price.  I am not talking about the big price tag and the chunk it took