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Ergo & Laboratory Workers

Laboratory workers are at high risk for overuse injuries due to the nature of their work which often involves repetitive motions, static postures, awkward postures, high grip or pinch forces and neck flexion. 

Using equipment such as microtomes, pipettes, biosafety cabinets (BSC) and microscopes are all common places we see laboratory workers experiencing discomfort. When ergonomic principals are adopted in the laboratory (ideally when designing a space), we can greatly reduce, or eliminate several of these risk factors.

So how do we reduce their ergonomic risk factors when performing laboratory work?

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Hair stress

Do YOU have Cybersickness?

‘Cybersickness’ is a catch-all term for symptoms caused by using a computer / screen display, 

feels similar to motion sickness, and is caused by sensory conflict in the brain. It is a technology-induced version of motion sickness caused by moving content on screens.


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back belt

Do Back Belts Reduce Back Injuries?

Back belts, also referred to as back support or abdominal belts are a bit of a hot topic.  They are supported by some, not by others, and a growing body of evidence is trying to provide us data to decipher the benefits and risks of these commonly used supports.  

There are more than 70 types of industrial back-belts available and we see them frequently worn by material handling workers, especially those who lift and move heavy objects daily.  However, many people misunderstand the use of these supports, thinking that by wearing a back-belt, they can lift heavier items!  In reality, this mind set can actually increase their risk for a back injury due to a false sense of protection.

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