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The family car, America's new home-office

While many Americans have been working from the cars for a great deal of time, this is new for many workers with the onset of Covid-19 and the ever-changing work environment. 

Those that have been working from vehicles for some time include, police officers with their center console-mounted computers, parking enforcement officers who drive from place to place then use handheld computers to enter the information needed, and other professionals who also use the car or another vehicle as their ‘office’ such as construction workers who go from place to place throughout the day. The question is, how do we help these workers do so in an ergonomic way to help prevent discomfort or injury? 


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Do Back Belts Reduce Back Injuries?

Back belts, also referred to as back support or abdominal belts are a bit of a hot topic.  They are supported by some, not by others, and a growing body of evidence is trying to provide us data to decipher the benefits and risks of these commonly used supports.  

There are more than 70 types of industrial back-belts available and we see them frequently worn by material handling workers, especially those who lift and move heavy objects daily.  However, many people misunderstand the use of these supports, thinking that by wearing a back-belt, they can lift heavier items!  In reality, this mind set can actually increase their risk for a back injury due to a false sense of protection.

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