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Sit-Stand Workstation

ErgoFit’s Top 10 Considerations for Sit / Stand Workstations

You have heard about them, possibly thought about getting one yourself, or have had employees ask if they can get one.  Standing work is taking the office world by storm!

However, if you are considering purchasing height adjustable desk options in your office, there are some considerations to take into account prior to doing so:

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Ergonomics & Parenting

Before I became a mom, I knew that parenting meant taking on a second job (but one in which I wholeheartedly love!!), but I really had no idea what this really meant.  Sure, the main goal is to keep a little human alive and thriving, providing them endless love and learning opportunities (all the fun stuff!), but what about the toll it takes on the parent’s body?

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    There is quite a conundrum office workers and I.T. purchasers are facing these days, and they may not even know it! Here it is: The latest monitor set-up (dual and/or large monitors) with resulting neck pain vs. Smaller monitor set-up with no neck pain
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  • The Power of Rest Breaks

    Do you find yourself working long hours at the computer, only to rush home and keep up the pressure with your various tasks? Well, you’re not alone. Life today is more demanding than ever. For many, coffee helps to keep us active, productive, and alert; but how much coffee can
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