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Monitor Settings & Eye Health

Visual break

 Do you get eye strain or feel like your monitor(s) are difficult to read?  Make adjustments to reduce eye discomfort, strain and dry eye:

  • Adjust brightness and possibly contrast controls to improve image.
  • Enlarge the font if you are unable to move the monitor closer.  To quickly change font size in most applications - press Ctrl + scroll on your mouse / input device.
  • 20:20:20 Rule - Every ~20 minutes, focus on objects at least 20 feet away for ~20 seconds.  Look across the office, or even better, out a window!
  • Alternate work tasks that don’t involve a screen (e.g. computer, tablet, or phone).
  • Stay up to date on annual eye checks to ensure you are wearing the most appropriate prescription for your eyes; our vision can change quicker when looking at screens daily

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