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Leg Clearance At Your Work Station

leg clearance

Is there adequate space for your knees and legs under the work surface? If not, this lack of space may reduce your ability to change posture, leading to prolonged static postures, which can reduce overall blood flow.  Inadequate space also often leads to leaning, twisting, and extended reaching.  This can lead to discomfort in essentially the whole body.  

At times, the desk or keyboard tray can cause Contact Stress and pressure on the thighs which can reduce blood flow and contribute to discomfort. 

Move items out from under your desk that are unused or may be limiting your leg/foot space and make sure the height of your keying/ mousing surface is not resting on your thighs.

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Mobile Device Use and Your Body

Research supports that an increased use of mobile devices is associated with thumb, shoulder, upper back and neck discomfort

The postures that we generally use with these devices are not natural for our bodies, e.g. the thumb movements to text, bent wrist postures while holding a tablet, cradling a cell phone between the shoulder and head, holding of a cell phone to the ear for a prolonged period of time, or the forward head posture when working on laptops. 

So, challenge yourself to use your mobile devices in alternative ways and limit the amount of time you are on them. 

  • Use your pointer finger or voice recognition to write an email or a text
  • Prop your tablet up when watching a video
  • Use an earpiece when talking on your cell phone. 

These are all simple strategies to reduce strain on your body while using mobile devices.  What other modifications can you make to use these devices in more neutral postures?



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Should I sit on my couch when working at home?

shutterstock 61635598

The sofa looks so inviting and comfortable, it beckons you as you’re attempting to focus on your work in your new home-office. So, what’s wrong with just sitting on the sofa while you work?

The problem is that using the sofa for office seating rarely provides a good fit in proper alignment or neutral postures. Prolonged sitting without sufficient support or in misaligned postures can place significant stress on your entire musculoskeletal system and set you up for discomfort that increases the longer you spend in this configuration.

Remember that short term comfort does not always lead to long term health. So, find a chair with back support for improved fit and seated postures while working at home.

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When it comes to lifting, even something as small as a notebook – when it’s awkward – can hurt...

The rules of thumb with lifting are:

  1. Put your most frequently lifted items and heaviest items as close to your waist as possible, whether sitting or standing, and as close to your body as possible.
  2. Put your least frequently lifted items and lightest items above shoulder level.
  3. Those moderate items can go below your thigh or waist level.

Prioritizing and organizing with these principles in mind will improve the health of your neck, shoulders, and back!

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Increased Telecommuting

shutterstock 614000681Even before the effects of COVID-19, from 2005-2012, telecommuting increased by 80%!!   

Did you know that companies are responsible for any injuries that occur in their employee’s home offices? Do you have plans to manage this? How will you decide what to purchase and provide for your workforce? Do you need a policy surrounding telecommuting?  Contact us for training and services that can help you to answer these questions!


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