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We offer on-site corporate massage though our strategic partner! We can offer an integrated and coordinated approach to your ergonomics and injury prevention efforts. Contact us for more information.

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  • Hierarchy Of Controls

      Identifying and implementing effective controls to protect workers from workplace hazards will create a safer and healthier workplace.  There are several approaches and detailed guidelines available to work toward this goal.  However, always remember to include the front line workers; these employees can provide valuable input when deciding the
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  • Hot Environments Increase Error Rates

    The summer of 2016 was one of the five hottest summers on record dating back to 1895.  This impacted the safety of workers in environments that do not have sufficient temperature controls e.g. Outdoor work, warehouses, etc.  Did you know that working in an environment that is 80° F can
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  • To Push Or To Pull?

    Does your job require you to push or pull carts or other wheeled objects?  Especially heavy or awkward shaped objects?  If so, do you generally push or pull these objects?  Next time you do, consider this. When you push, with your hands close to your body, you are able to
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