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    • Noise, Temperature & Air Flow

      When your working environment is not comfortable, you may experience distractibility or stress resulting in decreased productivity and increased errors. In the office setting, damaging and very loud noise levels would typically only be found at computers that are located near industrial machinery with noise levels above 85 dBA.  Workers
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    • Leg Clearance At Your Work Station

      Is there adequate space for your knees and legs under the work surface? If not, this lack of space may reduce your ability to change posture, leading to prolonged static postures, which can reduce overall blood flow.  Inadequate space also often leads to leaning, twisting, and extended reaching.  This can
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    • Reported Claims Per State Fund Data

        According to State Fund data from 2002 to 2010 for all specific conditions: Sciatica produced the highest costs per claim; Rotator Cuff Syndrome had the highest severity rate; and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome had the highest rate of new claims.    Return to ErgoFit's Tips & Tibits
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