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  • Interviews & Articles

    Seattle Times: 'Ergonomic car seats designed for proper positioning' published by Seattle Times in January 2017 by Gene Stout

    Laboratory Animal Science Professional: 'The ABC's of Ergonomics' published by the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS) in March 2014 by A. Burich & D. Read

    Tacoma News Tribune: Reluctant construction workers see benefits and results of ErgoFit 's worksite warm-ups. Read this article online here!

    Occupational Health & Safety: May 2008 article by Deborah Read. Read it online!

    Whitney and Wyatt: Whitney & Wyatt interviewed Deborah about their real life concerns; and the result was three short light-hearted and entertaining Web TV episodes designed to inform the public about office-related ergonomics with real take-aways to immediately impact one's work practices.  See her Web TV shows regarding office ergonomics here. On the right, under Past shows, click on Health & Fitness. Then, scroll to find the three episodes.

    • Episode #24 "Ergonomics at the Office: Bags & Purses"
    • Episode #37 "Ergonomics at the Office: Laptop Tips"
    • Episode #38 "Ergonomics at the Office: Top Five Ergo Mistakes"

    Better Homes & Gardens: Deborah Read, Founder and President of ErgoFit Consulting, Inc., was recently interviewed by Better Homes & Gardens for an article on good posture --What is it? What are the risks of poor posture? How to achieve good posture? Look for the article to be published in the June, 2007 Issue!

    CBS Radio: Interviewed by Beth Ann McBride on CBS Radio in North Carolina, WSJS, June 16, 2006 for a live radio chat about aches and pains in the office and 4 of my top 5 list of "Most Egregious Ergonomic Crimes".

    EWeek: Interviewed for “The Perils of PC Posture” June 1, 2006 online magazine. Read it at http://www.eweek.com/article2/0,1759,1970696,00.asp

    ivillage: Interviewed for "How Good is Your Posture" May 2005.

    Q13 Fox News: Interviewed on the late news cast November 2003 to discuss election results of I-841.

    ErgoWeb: "Painless Gardening Seem Like an Oxymoron? Try Ergonomics" Read it online at: http://www.ergoweb.com/news/detail.cfm?id=982

    Fire Chief Magazine: co-authored “Fitting Tasks: Ergonomic design can make living and working in your fire station less painful”, November 2003.

    Northwest Landscape Professional: authored “Ergonomic Injury Prevention”, August 2003.

    The Ergonomics Report: Interviewed for “Backyard Ergonomics” July 2003.

    Ergonomics Today: Interviewed for “Yard Work Tops List of Biggest Pain In Spring”, June 2003 online magazine. Read it at: http://www.ergoweb.com/news/detail.cfm?id=748Health & Safety article by Deborah Read. Read it online!

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    candy crush thumbIs 'Candy Crush Thumb' Really Becoming A Thing??

    How do you use the touchscreen on your mobile devices? 

    What do you use your mobile devices for? 

    Do you use each device in a similar fashion? 

    How many hours per day are you on your mobile devices? 

    Considering these questions can help you determine if you are at risk for overuse injuries related to mobile device use.