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Functional Job Task Analysis


This assessment document is the backbone of your Return to Work, Ergonomic, and Injury Prevention efforts.

Are you maximizing the use of yours?

A Physical Demands Job Task Analysis is a detailed measurement of the physical demands of a job position. A validated Physical Demands Job Task Analysis can then be used for:

  • Hiring & Firing
  • Workers compensation claims medical review
  • Earlier and more appropriate return to work
  • Creation of light duty/modified duty/transitional return to work programs
  • Creation of a physical ability PreWork Screen and Compliance with the American’s with             Disability Act and EEOC

It eliminates the need for the medical provider to rely solely on the injured worker’s verbal descriptions of the physical demands of the job.


ErgoFit Consulting, Inc.’s approach to completing a Functional Job Task Analysis differs from most other approaches offered by vocational rehabilitation firms or other therapists. These other providers typically rely on telephone interviews of people who do not perform the work being documented for their data collection.

We provide in-depth questionnaires that are completed by more than one worker, prior to the on-site data collection, adding content validity to our Functional Job Task Analyses and possibly revealing previously hidden problems that can be addressed proactively.

We then conduct on-site data collection through interview, observation, measurement, and/or video or photography. Digital imagery enhances the understanding of job tasks for the medical providers responsible for treatment and return to work decisions.

Furthermore, we use our medical occupational therapy and physical therapy training to provide a list of clinical implications for medical providers. This list specifically outlines job tasks that aggravate certain body parts. This document saves time for the medical providers and assists them with decisions related to recovery from injury and identification of appropriate return to work options.

We document essential functions and skills along with basic accommodations for thosefunctions and skills that may accommodate an injured or disabled person in the future. Once the document has been created, we have workers who perform the job being analyzed actually review the Functional Job Task Analyses and sign off on its accuracy. This adds validity to the document, better enabling it to hold up in court if ever challenged. Provided the Functional Job Task Analysis is completed prior to an employee getting hurt or disabled, you will be able to demonstrate ADA and EEOC compliance to the courts if ever challenged.

Our approach adds accuracy, detail, and content validity to our Functional Job Task Analyses. Higher content validity leads to more accurate identification of causes of injury, more appropriate treatment of injuries, faster return to work, easier identification of reasonable accommodations for workers not yet ready to return to full duty, and higher likelihood of being upheld if challenged in court.

It is for these reasons that our Functional Job Task Analyses services usually cost more than typical job analysis services. You must decide what level of accuracy you need, what outcome you want, and what value you desire. We recommend using our company for high risk jobs only. Although the typical job analysis may cost less up front, it is essential to determine if a vague analysis saves you money in the long run and if it is truly a useful tool in the scope of your injury prevention and cost control efforts.

The time intensity of assessments varies according to the number and complexities of tasks being analyzed. Keep in mind that the information gathered during a Job Analysis can also be used for ergonomics risk assessment & mitigation, ergonomics training, body mechanics training, and Ergonomic Injury Prevention Program Development and Implementation.

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