Industry List

Ergo Fit Consulting Outcomes

 We’ve worked in the following industries:

  • Architecture / Engineering
  • Aerospace
  • Banking / Finance
  • Communications
  • Construction
  • Delivery / Transport
  • Education
  • Facilities / Custodial
  • Fire and Emergency Services
  • Food Services / Restaurant
  • Food Processing / Grocery
  • Gaming
  • General Industry
  • General Office
  • Government (Municipal, County, State, and Federal)
  • Laboratory / Life Sciences
  • Legal
  • Manufacturing / Mechanical
  • Non Profit / Philanthropic
  • Parks
  • Patient Handling / Healthcare
  • Ports


Tableau Software

We felt we were not getting the service level we expected while working with several other ergonomics providers. The expectations formed around scaling to our offices across the U.S. and providing a consistent and valuable service to our employees. Most of the providers wanted to sell their own equipment/furniture, provided poor customer service, or were simply not able to keep up with scheduling appointments. We chose ErgoFit based on their professionalism, open communication, and most importantly, the expertise & passion for ergonomics each of their consultants show. We regularly receive positive feedback from our employees across the U.S., no matter who is conducting an assessment. As the program has developed and grown, ErgoFit takes the initiative to seek ways to improve their service, which makes my job easier, and adds value to our program. We made the right choice!” — Matthew Horine, Workplace Health & Safety Specialist, Tableau Software

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Fresh Consulting

“The team really enjoyed Paul's, ‘What To Aim For...’ ergonomics presentation. Paul did a great job of presenting to the team and making it a very open and interactive presentation. The team took all of his direction and quickly tried to implement it when they got back to their desks. He even stuck around to meet with a few employees that had specific questions. Enjoyed the training all around and would happily recommend ErgoFit to anyone.” — David Isaacs, HR/Recruiter, Fresh Consulting


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